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frameshift's Journal

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Ecosystem: meltdown.

Biosphere: rotten.

Humanity: corrupt, greedy, fearful -- same as always.

Welcome to 2203, fifty years after the official worldwide ban on human genetic manipulation. Welcome to a city, once a small, government sponsored research center, now an isle of calm but for the growing dissent of the disenfranchised transgenic populations and rising bitterness of basic, unmodified humans against the beautiful, smart, talented enhanced.

A population of 250,000 lives in and around several government-controlled towers, arranged in a circle around the central district. Schools, business, and research occur in the tree-laden plaza. Just outside the ring of tall, ivory towers, following the radial roads that lead away from the center of the white city, the transgenic population lives in their slums, no more than a few hundred meters from unspoiled wealth. Their true numbers are unknown; the above reflects a rough estimate. Whatever their numbers, they aren't happy. And some of them are ready to do something about it.

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